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About Sherlocked


Sherlocked is an Escape Game venue, founded in 2014.
Since then Sherlocked has developed a full-scale theater and restaurant,
and more than 700 square meters games and Escape Rooms.

Today, Sherlocked has three different products:
Baker Street, Tales & Tables and Cases.

Baker Street is our house with our greatest experiences!

On Baker Street there are two games, "The Landlady" & "The Tenants".

With 3-6 players you go through an entire apartment with different problem solutions, a historical environment and spectacle.

The games will take about 60-90 minutes and ends in our Speakaesy-bar

Tales & Tables is our bar, restaurant and playground for our unique table games.

We are open several days a week for food service and/or a round of our table games.

Our table games "Tales In a Table" is for 2-4 people and fits nicely with something good to drink in the glass.

A game takes about 30-45 minutes.

Cases are Sherlocked's portable games that work great for team building and as a conference activity.

We come to your office or conference. Challenge your colleagues by taking on historical and unsolved cases.

Our "cases games" are avalible in multiple versions. It is also possible to have a game personally tailored, created only for you and your wishes!

From 10-500 participants.

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